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Have you realized that in the photo collage at top, all the different looks are all created by the same Taylor top? 

If I asked you to imagine the inside of a fashionista’s closet, what comes to mind? Is it a gorgeous walk-in closet like the one from Sex in the City, or a more realistically sized one that’s bursting at the seams? When we think of a fashionista, most of us generally assume that this individual has a huge wardrobe from which to draw inspiration and to create distinctive outfits. For a lot of busy ladies who are trying to step up their style game, this assumption that you need a large wardrobe in order to dress well may make the idea of improving their fashion sense daunting. However, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: there’s a better way to unlock your inner fashionista.

What’s the secret you may ask? To answer this question, we turn to one of our favorite fashion bloggers, and a true fashionista, Jackie Welling, from Little J Style. Recently, she shared why she loves our Taylor top so much: not only is it incredibly soft and comfortable, it’s also an ageless and classic design that you can wear over and over again. We were so flattered by Jackie’s kind words, especially when she shared that our collection has the only reversible items she has ever seen with such high quality and flattering designs. We loved hearing this, since creating clothing that will make our customers feel gorgeous and last a lifetime is what we’re all about. Jackie’s take on our clothing, as well as her own beautiful styling of our Taylor top, points us to our little secret: unleashing your inner style guru is about finding designs that are flattering, never go out of style, and versatile and using them to create one-of-a-kind looks that reflect your personal taste.



Take a look at how Jackie styles our Taylor: her look featuring the beige side of the sweater is polished yet relaxed. Our simple top pairs perfectly with her patterned clutch and super trendy hat. The look featuring the pink side is a bit more dressed up with unique yet classic shorts and fun heels. Despite it being the same top, both of her outfits look completely different. She also employs our fashion secret by using classic pieces with more trendy statements. Jackie could easily wear our top over and over again, but create completely different looks simply by altering her accessories. Just by adding our Taylor into your wardrobe, think of how many different outfits you can create.



To show you just how versatile classic and flattering pieces can be, we will also take a look at how Tracy Qiu from T-Curate styled our Taylor. Using this one silk/cashmere piece, she creates her super girly look with a lacey black skirt and pearly-encrusted clutch. She further individualizes her look with a fun, fringe scarf. She then creates a totally unique outfit using the beige side of the Taylor with culottes, an overcoat, boots, and the same fringe scarf. Even though she is wearing the same scarf and the same shoes (did you notice?) with our top, you would never know it.


We love that when you look at how Tracy styles the Taylor pullover compared to Jackie, you can clearly see they both have very distinctive styles that are completely different even though they’re wearing the same top. That’s the amazing thing about versatile fashion: you can use it to define your own style, rather than letting every item in your wardrobe define your style for you. Instead of than shopping for every outfit you want to create, you can use these pieces to make the look you want, therefore saving your time without sacrificing your vision. A true fashionista doesn’t need a stuffed closet to dress well each day. Instead, she relies on her own style instincts and a few great wardrobe staples to create looks that are hers alone. The best part about this styling secret is that once you find those perfect versatile pieces that you can love and rely on, you can find your own unique look and find that inner fashionista no matter how busy you are.



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