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Recently, one of our great friends and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kelly Hoey, shared how our designs helped her during her jam-packed business trips on her blog. She featured our Danielle dress and Max scarf/poncho in her #MyLoveList section. As a CMO, strategist, speaker, startup advisor, and board member, Kelly has an incredible busy schedule. But Kelly is also effortless chic and brings new meaning to the phrase “Style On the Go”! 

When it comes to packing for a very busy but short business trip, it’s all about choosing simple, flattering pieces that you can re-wear and re-style to meet whatever needs you may have. Take a look at the photo below of the contents of Kelly’s bag from her recent trip to Mexico City:


Kelly Hoey wearing Jia Collection Danielle reversible dress cardigan


Even though her schedule is incredibly demanding, she was able to dress stylishly and appropriately with only 1 pair of jeans, a few black t-shirts, a sequin tank, our Alex cardigan, Max scarf/cape, and Taylor top. Not only did this wardrobe need to support her 12-hour days, it also needed to be ready for any weather as Mexico City can fluctuate up to 30 degrees in one day! Since Kelly picked pieces that are classic and simple enough to be styled differently each day, she has no need to worry about being ready for whatever her day throws at her, even if it’s weather related.

And on Kelly's recent 2-day trip to Philly, Kelly wore Danielle as a layering piece. She wore it at her speech on stage, and also when meeting and greeting with peers and students. She got so many compliments that she tweeted

"Thx to Jia Collection for helping me rocking Philly! Need the Danille dress in every color combo!". 


Kelly Hoey wearing Jia Collection Danielle reversible dress cardigan


The schedules for ladies on the road can be taxing. Although looking professional and put together is an important part of business, it shouldn’t be the hardest part. 

Our motto has always been “Versatile Fashion for Women on the Go.” We often talk about how our clothing is perfect for every ambitious and hard-working woman, whether she is a parent, businesswoman, traveler, or all of the above. As our economy becomes more and more global, the travel demands seem to only increase for many careers. These business trips are often completely action-packed, with a number of very important events crammed into just a few days. This challenging schedule, along with the need to travel light, makes packing efficiently all the more important.

In one 36-hour trip to Vancouver, Kelly had 1 workshop, 2 on-camera interviews, a business lunch, and a meeting. It’s no wonder she called our very versatile and useful Max her “travel wardrobe rescue.” Kelly simply packed Max and worn it different ways for her whole trip. It is a true manifesto of "Style On The Go!".

Kelly Hoey wearing Jia Collection Max multiway scarf poncho

We asked Kelly to share with us what she thinks are the reasons why our designs work so well for her business trips, she said: 

  1. The classic yet flattering silhouettes are work-appropriate while also being stylish.
  1. Since Jia Collection's pieces are so versatile, I can easily accessorize them to fit a variety of different events. I can move from meetings, to presentations, to dinner, without a hitch just by planning how to style each piece appropriately.
  1. The reversibility and convertibility of Jia Collection items mean that I can use one piece to make at least two different outfits. It also means that every inch of my suitcase can be filled with clothing that I know is earning its keep.
  1. Jia Collection's clothes are low maintenance and won’t wrinkle when folded into my suitcase. They will also continue to look amazing after wearing them for more than the standard 8-hour workday.

Thanks Kelly!

And we do have to say, trust us, simply by finding fashion that is versatile, low maintenance, and flattering, you can transition from event to event effortlessly while still traveling light. Before you know it, your packing expertise will have everyone wondering just what your secret is. No matter where your travels take you, we love that we can be a part of your journey.

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