The GirlBoss Guide to Desk-to-Dinner Fashion

This week, I thought I could share how I identified a problem and provide a solution through my brand of reversible, multi-use, multifunctional clothing.

Good design makes lives better. It starts and ends with the needs of the consumer. 


The Problem:

We're all familiar with that awkward situation when your shoes get stuck in those metal grates on the street, or when your dress is so tight that the zipper breaks when you're at a party. Sexy shoes and dresses can only go so far to make you look good. The discomfort that comes with it soon makes the situation embarrassing and frustrating. A woman who's tugging at her hemline or waddling along on 5 inch heels is NOT sexy. When your clothes and shoes work against you, you get self conscious - and it shows.  


dressing awkward fashion faux pas


With our busy schedule, the last thing we need is a wardrobe disaster. We want to focus on the people we are with and the event we're attending and to get the most out of our business and social life. Our clothes should require minimum effort. When our dressing is effortless, we feel more confident to handle any curveball that's thrown our way. 

The Solution:

I believe that if a woman is comfortable in her clothes she will look and feel confident. Clothes should be one less thing to worry about for a busy woman. By creating comfortable knitwear garments that don't ride up or fall too short, and can also be worn in multiple ways I found the solution to the problems working women face everyday.



1. Fabric

Choose high quality and what suites you. Don't buy anything that scratches your skin even the slightest. I was once gifted a $2000 Sonia Rykiel mohair sweater, it is stunningly beautiful but it scratches my skin, I had to wear a under layer to wear it, even so it is still scratchy. I now wear the sweater once a year, even less. How nice it is to have a beautiful sweater that you cannot wear!

Some people cannot wear wool, so don't wear wool, some people are totally fine with some synthetic blend, then just go for it.


2. Fit

When you try on the clothes, make sure they fit you right to ensure that they fit you correctly not only when you are standing, but also when you are sitting or doing any other kind of movement. We are women on the go! 

Lydia Slater shows that in order to avoid shirt gaping at chest, make sure you flex your muscle and move your arms around, if the shirt still looks right when you do so, then it is right fit. (Image Courtesy of Daily Mail)


Lydia Slater shows that in order to avoid dress becoming too tight, make sure you do a sit position, if the skirt part stays at the right place and it is not too tight at waist that you cannot breathe, then it is the right fit. (Image Courtesy of Daily Mail)


 Lydia Slater shows that in order to avoid pencil skirt riding up too much, make sure you lift your legs up and down few times, if the skirt stayed at the right place and didn't ride up, then it is the right fit. (Image Courtesy of Daily Mail)


3. Ease / Stretch: 


How about instead of wearing this tight dress that looks really uncomfortable...


Wear our Estee dress that is super comfortable (and stylish too) instead? Besides, it is reversible! 2 in 1!

4. Versatility:

Versatility is what gives you the mental comfort, knowing that you can easily look great wherever you go without all the hassle of spending a lot of time planning the outfit and lugging a lot of pieces. 


With our reversible/multifunctional designs, not only do you have physical comfort, you also have the mental comfort to know that you can easily look great from desk to dinner. Just flip the dress from one side to the other, and you will look polished and different throughout the day and night.

With both physical and mental comfort in what we wear, and if they are stylish too, we are ready to conquer the world! We are big advocate of comfort as you can see, so we also want to talk about the comfort with our shoes, as a lot of us also struggle with shoe comfort. 

My fellow speaker Mary Arnett presented her shoe collection from her brand Shh-oes. She came up with a new category of shoes called quiet shoes, heels that don't make that annoying clacking noise when you walk, and are comfortable to boot (pun intended)! She talked about the importance of heels in the lives of working women and girl bosses. She made the very important point that wearing heels doesn't necessarily mean you have to suffer - Choose Alternatives!

Here is a little information from her presentation:

The Girlboss needs to feel comfortable from head to toe, because she needs 100% comfort and confidence, without which she cannot do business right!



So here's hoping all of you see the value in wearing clothes and shoes that make our lives simpler and better. Comfort at the end of the day will do wonders for your mind and body, embrace it, love it.





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