Bring Fresh Pastels Into Your Fall Wardrobe, 10 Ways!

Want to wear pastels in the fall? You can, and you'll be deemed stylish. Rules no longer apply in fashion and one of the biggest trends for this fall is wearing pastels, previously saved for sunny spring days. They're the perfect offset to the usual darker tones worn in the fall. The best part about this? You don't need a whole new winter wardrobe. You can easily just transition your spring/summer pieces into stylish ensembles for fall/winter.

Not only can you wear pastel colors into fall, we will show you how you can easily wear a versatile piece from our collection that is both reversible and convertible 10 different ways! Now you can easily wear one top for the whole week without repeating any look! 

This year's fall/winter runways were flushed with icy pastels:

We picked a piece from our collection that fits the bill perfectly. It's versatile in both function and color. It caters to the fall pastel trend with its soft pink side while sticking to the norms with its subtle grey side. The black stripe detail at the neck makes it edgy enough for fall. 


Fashion blogger and supermom Veronica Popoiacu, featured this piece on her blog Bittersweet Colours wearing the grey unzipped side as a light cardigan and the pink and black side as a comfortable pullover. We love how she styled it with ripped jeans and heels in both cases but managed to make two completely different outfits. Doesn't she make a stylish mom?

1. Wear the grey side as a cardigan with pastel green top and tonal grey jeans.

2. Wear the pink/black side as a pullover with blue torn jeans. 

All you need to do is just to change to a pair of different jeans and now you got a completely different look! 


The reversible Alex cardigan/pullover from Jia Collection


If you live in neighborhoods with tree lined streets you get to enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall when the leaves change. But when you live in big cities and concrete jungles, you have to make do with little patches of green in the form of parks. Or do you?

This past weekend Jia went to Pennsylvania to enjoy the fall foliage in quaint little towns like Boyertown, Churchtown, Chambersburg, Susquehanna and took the Alex Cardigan with her. She wore the piece 4 different ways, truly embodying the versatility of the sweater.


3. Wear the pink/black side as a cardigan with turtleneck top, navy flare skirt, dark stockings and scarf.

Just imagine if you wear a different color top, different color skirt, different color stocking, different color shoes, different scarf?


4. Wear the pink/black side as a pullover with grey turtleneck top, black shorts, dark stockings and scarf. 


5. Wear the grey side as a cardigan with beige top, black shorts, dark stockings and scarf. 


6. Wear the grey side as a pullover with black turtleneck, corduroy flare pants and thin belt.

Wow, can you believe it is actually the same top as the one in photo above? Looks so different! 

Jia wearing the Alex 4 different ways on her fall getaway


And when we did our photoshoot for this versatile silk/cashmere sweater, we had our model Alanna wear it another 4 different ways!


7. Wear the grey side as a cardigan with white shirt and slim suit pants.

Great for work!

8. Wear the pink/black side as a cardigan with grey turtleneck and short leather skirt.



9. Wear the pink/black side as a pullover with grey slim suit pants.

10. Wear the grey side as a pullover tucked into a long black A-line leather skirt.

It doesn't always have to be a top layer piece, you can also wear it tucked in or underneath an outwear piece. 



The back of Alex looks just as interesting!  

The reversible Alex cardigan/pullover from Jia Collection.

This is a piece you can literally wear with anything, the only limitation will be your own creativity! How will you wear it? 

We hope you wear those happy pastels this fall. Let us know what you think of this trend. 

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