Fall into Fall with Multifunctional Fashion

Fall is a season of change, with the leaves turning colors so why shouldn’t you?

We’ve compiled a list of reversible clothing that you must have this fall to make the most of sweater weather. Expressing yourself when constantly clad in overcoats can be hard but what if you got two coats in one or four outfits with one sweater? We’ll show you how to optimize your fall wardrobe with multifunctional fashion.
Dominika convertible poncho for travel and business
Jia Collection Dominika Convertible Poncho

This convertible poncho with a luxurious sheen by Jia Collection can be worn in two ways giving you the perfect transition from day to night. Whether you wear it over tailored pants or pair it with a body con dress, this convertible poncho can glam up your outfit in a New York minute.
For those of you who live in New York, you can relate to the lack of closet space. Where we also need space is in our bags. Commuters everywhere need to haul a whole bunch of stuff to get them through the workday. Here’s a bag that will save you space at home and give you space on the go. This Express reversible bag has two faces, both equally beautiful. Whether it’s the sensible brown side or the glamorous copper side, take your pick.

 Express reversible bag

The one item of clothing constantly on display during Fall and Winter is your winter coat. You could be rocking some cool pajamas under there but what everyone sees is your coat. The same coat, everyday, everywhere. How is a girl supposed to change things up without spending through her nose buying several different coats? Carrie Bradshaw got it right when she said 'I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.' Get your money’s worth with a coat which when reversed looks like a whole different item.

Vivian reversible cardigan knit blazer red black
 Jia Collection Reversible Margaret Coat

The Minimalist trend is carrying over to the fall with people picking simple comfortable silhouettes over complicated drapes or structure garments. Another trend that’s being perpetuated by the people with this fashion sensibility is the idea of quality over quantity. Investing in clothes that are sustainably produced and opting to stock their wardrobes with a few essential pieces. A minimalist style for a minimalist lifestyle. This fall is thankful for our Oksana two-in-one dress/cardigan that you can wear any time for any occasion. 
Oksana reversible dress cardigan _convertible from dress to cardigan
Jia Collection Convertible Oksana Dress/Cardigan
What do we love about the fall? Sweaters! Something to wrap around you like a warm hug. What’s better is getting two hugs with this Vivian reversible cardigan from Jia Collection. Tone it up or down with this classic black and red combination.
Jia Collection Reversible Vivian Cardigan
Let’s wave a warm goodbye to the good summer days and fall into fall looking flawless. More styles at www.jiacollection.com

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