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Everyone has that one friend that seems to always create the most amazing things in the most unexpected ways. Whether it is their home décor, DIY skills, or fashion game, they always blow you away with their ability to make unpredictable combinations look flawless and natural. For us at Jia Collection, that friend is Tracy Qiu, the creator of T-Curate. Recently, she wrote a blog post about one of our favorite pieces from our new Essential Silk and Cashmere Collection, the Max reversible scarf and cape.




As you can undoubtedly see from the gorgeous photos she took this past week, Tracy was able to style the Max in a completely surprising manner.






She went beyond simply throwing the cape over her shoulders, and also thought of ingenious ways of wearing it with the buttons in the front, and with the piece stylishly falling off her shoulders to show off her beautiful neck.








Even when she wore our piece as a scarf, her method of only wrapping half of the Max over her neck and allowing the other side to drape across her front was a completely fresh take on a classic piece.






And check out Tracy’s shoes and pants! Who would have thought to pair this loose piece with wide-leg trousers? However, this combination is both flattering and chic. Luckily for the rest of us, we can now use Tracy’s genius and copy her look of trousers, adorable booties, and our Max cape/scarf.



Believe it or not, these aren’t even all of the different ways Tracy came up with to wear this item. That is the amazing thing about timeless and simple pieces: it allows you to create an infinite number of outfits that showcase your own style and creativity (and if you ever get stumped, you can always turn to your favorite bloggers like Tracy for help). That neon-striped dress you have in your closet might be great for a special girls’ night out, but how often can you wear it? When your wardrobe consists of trendy pieces and no staple items, it’s harder to get creative. After all, people would probably notice that neon dress if you tried to wear it more than once in a blue moon.


Be sure to shop Max in all three of the available colors. 


With our pieces, you can utilize them in so many different ways that you will quickly see them as your fashion liberators. Our classic pieces make it possible to see beyond what the local department store has on the manikin and invent completely unique looks that reflect your personal flair for fashion. No longer will you have to clear out your closet each time a season changes, because you will be able to use your most-loved pieces all year round. With a little bit of inspiration and the right wardrobe, you can finally match that creative friend and truly express who you want to be through your style.


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**Photographs courtesy of Tracy Qiu. **



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