What to Wear 4th of July (with reversible designs)

The 4th of July is just around the corner. I’m sure you all have been very busy planning for the holiday weekend that is coming up including preparing lists for food and drinks, figuring out who to invite, setting up plans, and among other things. But, have you thought about what you’re going to wear yet? With all that planning, probably not. No more stressing! We have some great suggestions on outfits for you to wear for the 4th of July weekend celebration!

 EDITH_reversible-pullover-Jia-Collection 1

Have some fun in the sun whether it be at the beach or barbecuing in your backyard or deck, or watching the fireworks at night. You’ll be ready for anything in our blue/white reversible tops and dresses. Add red accessories like a summer cap and sunglasses to complete your classically chic patriotic American outfit. Have a look at our selection below.




Colette Reversible Pullover_Jia Collection

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one pullover. White/Navy vs. Navy/Gold

This collage above shows you 4 different ways to wear our Colette pullover. On the left side is our styling suggestion if you were to wear it to the Bahamas, but you can pull off the same outfits for 4th of July wherever you are. Fashion blogger Lauren Elizabeth wore the Colette with Cartier studs and white jean shorts for a chic beach look, and wore it with capris when it was a bit chilly out.



Careen Reversible Dress Jia Collection

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one dress with contrast colorblocks. Navy on White vs White on Navy


This collage shows you how we stylized Careen dress if you were to wear it to France, but play with it with your imagination, style it your own way, you can easily wear these outfits to your 4th of July cocktail rooftop or poolside parties.



Abbee Reversible Dress Jia Collection

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one dress with stripe bottom. Navy on White vs White on Navy

Beautiful Travel blogger Monica Suma from Whimsical Tale of Travel wore the white side of Abbee when sailing on Justine Yacht and wore the blue side to a rooftop party. It’s equally chic and comfortable. This might be your perfect dress to wear on your cruise trip to watch fireworks on 4th of July?



Edith Reversible Pullover Jia Collection

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one pullover. Navy stripes on white vs. White stripes on navy 

This is the ultimate versatile piece that you can wear no matter if you want to look elegant, casual, or slightly punk chic.

Blogger Taylor Morgan shows you how she easily stylizes Edith 3 ways for a night on the town, work chic, or a casual date night.

And you can also easily wear this top with some summer shorts or capri.


Edith reversible pullover_Jia Collection



Estee Reversible Dress Jia Collection

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-look-in-one dress with center front colorblock. Navy on White vs White on Navy.

Designer Jia Li happily obliged to a request from a guest at a social event to flip her Estee dress to show the reverse side. While the guest was gasping in amazement, the event photographer quickly captured Jia’s fun and elegant transformation. If you need to look elegant for champagne sipping event, this will be the perfect dress to wear to impress.



Amandine Reversible Dress Jia Collection

2 WAYS. Reversible 2-colorway-in-one half sleeve striped dress. White/Navy vs. Navy/Gold

Fashionista Lauren Price shows readers how to embellish a classic look in her “Bold Beauty: One Dress Four Ways” featured in Lucky Magazine. She playfully paired sea inspired colors together- Jia’s deep blue with a pop of coral in a statement necklace. Gotta love a summer sailor- stow away the Amandine nautical striped dress and layer it with a chambray button down with wedges for seaside boutique shopping, or accessorize it with a fedora and sandals and rent a beach cruiser.


Just add a splash of red to your accessories like a handbag, belt sunglasses, or a bracelet to complete the patriotic American flag look. Don’t forget, these dresses are reversible, which means there are tons more options to choose from! The awesome part is that you are able to go from day to night in just a few seconds! We hope this has given you some ideas on what to wear for the holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July!


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