We Want To Give Thanks To YOU

It's that time of year again but we don't need Thanksgiving to be thankful for all our customers and everyone who's helped and supported us. But we're glad there's a day we can express our sincerest gratitude to all the beautiful women who find value in our products. It is our goal to make your life a little bit easier and we're thankful everyday that you let us. 



We would first like to thank the customers who took time off from their busy schedules to write personal emails to us about how they enjoyed our products. Our foundations is built on women who appreciate what our company stands for. Thank you Jennifer, Elena, Eileen, Debra and Fennie - we appreciate you! Here are a few of the emails we got:

"In a two week span, I stayed in 6 different places - a lot of packing and unpacking and the pieces held up fabulously." - Jennifer Z. 

"Just got back from a long weekend in Croatia wearing your dress two ways. It does travel well!" - Fennie W. 

"As soon as I put the sweater on, I always felt stylish and well put together (no small feat in Italy)!" - Debra C. 

"I recently found out about your brand and love it! I ordered several items and can't wait to see new items on the website." - Elena L.

"Love the piece and taking it to Ireland with me next week. My friend loves hers too!!! All my Jia pieces travel with me." - Eileen C.


We would also like to thank these amazing influential women who wear our clothes AND tweet about it! With social media being the main form of communication, their tweets went a long way to support us. Thank you Kelly Hoey and Fran Hauser for the kind words!


Thank you Veronica from Bittersweet Colours for falling in love with a cardigan from our collection!


Last but not least we want to thank the blogger and the press who covered our story, products and brand and gave us exposure. These are a couple of mentions this year from two of our favorite bloggers Tracy Qiu of T-Curate and Natasha Reddy of Brit + Co:

"It's so refreshing to see thoughtful and creative designs like this! One top can be worn in many ways- a scarf, a top, a cape... there must be an angle that best suited for your style! This special versatile piece is from Jia Collection." - Tracy Qiu from T-Curate.



"The next time you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe and don’t want to clutter your closet with dozens of new items, you might just want to check out Jia Collection.


We'd like to thank all of you again for your support and patronage. Happy Thanksgiving!


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