The Secret to Dressing for Holiday Festivities

It's that time of year again when our schedules are overflowing with social events - from work holiday parties to gatherings with friends. It seems like a never ending supply of dresses is needed to avoid repeating the same outfit.

But if you're like us, you don't have an unlimited budget for many different luxury outfits. And you also don't find fast fashion valuable - call us crazy, but we like to think an outfit should last longer than just one wash.

So, we put Jia Collection to the test this week when we attended holiday parties and entrepreneurial gatherings - all at which we didn't want to be photographed wearing the same thing twice (who does?). 

Here you can see how we dressed up in our Danielle 4-way cardigan/dress and Franka reversible dress


Ashley wore Danielle as a cardigan on beige side, Jia wore Franka on the darker side.
(at Nineteenth Amendment designer feature party)

Ashley wore Danielle as a dress during the day at office

Jia wore Danielle as a dress on pink side, Ashley wear Franka on the lighter side
(at SheWorx holiday party) 

Ashely was also attending a few more events through the whole week, again, she showed us how she worn Danielle different ways effortlessly.


After a week of long hours in the office and social nights out, we can confidently say that our innovative designs were just what we needed.  High-quality, but also easily turned into different outfits. We looked stylish and unique during the day and night. And more importantly, our designs allowed us to pull this off without breaking the bank or purchasing clothes that tear.

Ultimately, we learned that the holidays are a lot less stressful and more fun when you feel good about what you're wearing and can focus on the people around you instead.

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