5 Rules for Travel Appropriate Style

1.  Cardigans for Warmth

Carrying a heavy jacket during a business trip or adventurous journey just to avoid windy breezes or overly chilly air conditioning is not the best decision. Instead, I opt to bring a cardigan that I can wear pair with jeans and a tee, an evening dress, roll up in my handbag, or tie around my neck. A bonus: its great for keeping as an extra layer on the flight to your destination. I suggest our Alex cardigan – its comfortable and versatile.


2.  Neutrals to Blend

Unless you are en route to tropical island festivities, I don’t suggest wearing bright colors that will draw attention to you as a tourist. Any flashy clothing or potentially controversial garments should be left at home. It’s best to stick to neutrals if you aren’t sure of the local culture and don’t want to stand out in a negative way. Check out the Danielle – its understated, and can be worn as a dress or a cardigan.


3.  Wrinkle-free for Polish

No one wants to show up at her destination looking unprofessional and messy with wrinkled clothing. And let’s be honest, exploring the hotel room for an iron isn’t the first thing you’re excited to do. To avoid wrinkles, I dress in and pack knitwear so all of my free time is dedicated to meetings or fun. For a great option that will stay polished on the plane, whether on you or in a suitcase, take a look at our Katerina dress.


4.  Stretch for Comfort

My worst travel nightmare is being unfocused at an important meeting or not enjoying an unbelievable location because my clothes are not comfortable. The trick is to pick the right fabric and silhouette so that the shape of the garment stays intact, but yet won’t constrict you by being too tight. If I have a meeting or want to go right to dinner from the airport, I’ll wear our Erin dress. It’s really comfortable and the fabric holds it shape so I don’t look unpolished!


5.  Reversible for Efficiency

Last, but certainly not least, pack reversible clothing that fits all of the above rules: warm, neutral, wrinkle-free, and comfortable!  My entire line is designed so that you can pack light and look polished.  Shop our reversible dresses and tops to make sure you're airport ready and stylish at your destination.

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