Awesome Date and Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day

The coldest Valentine’s Day in 37 years is the perfect excuse for all the lovers out there to cuddle up and stay warm. The weather isn’t going to dampen the spirits of people looking to celebrate their love. It’s Friday and if you’re reading this you’re probably scrambling for last minute date ideas. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I thought I’d help you out by suggesting a few things you can do this weekend and better yet, what you can wear when you do them. Keeping the frigid temperatures in mind, I put together both indoor and outdoor activities.

Each of the four dates is split into two activities, giving you more options to choose from. Subsequently, I've created 8 outfits to wear to each one. This was achieved with 4 reversible pieces that will help you prepare for each date without pulling out all the stops. I want you to concentrate on enjoying the day, not worrying about what to wear.

Date Idea #1 - Grocery Shopping+Indoor Picnic

At 21 degrees Fahrenheit, some of you might be dreading the idea of leaving your houses. Other than a quick trip to the grocery store, you won't have to.
With this date idea you can dress comfortably and have a fun picnic in the comfort of your living room. The true escape is in your mind. Shopping and cooking together ensures some good one-on-one time with your partner. The fact that you won't have to wait too long to devour the food is a definite plus. 

The reversible Colette pullover is the perfect choice for both these activities. Wear it with a light trench and a pair of distressed jeans for a quick trip to the store. Reverse it to the white side once you're done cooking and trade the jeans in for worn in joggers and fuzzy socks. 

Date Idea #2 - Dinner+Dancing

For the couples who want a night out on the town, dinner and dancing is always a classic option. Go to your favorite restaurant or a place you've been meaning to try. Follow that up with a concert or live music you can dance to. I'm sure your partner will forgive your two left feet for the day. 

Meet Eleanor, your date companion. This lush reversible sweater is perfect to keep warm on a cold night. A pair of black tights and heels makes it a classy dinner outfit. Step out of those heels and into boots and torn jeans that you can dance all night in. Let your hair down while you're at it.

Date Idea #3 - Ice Skating+Hot Chocolate

What's more romantic than ice skating while holding hands? Sharing a steaming cup of hot chocolate maybe. Follow one up with the other for a cute, fun date that will leave you all warm inside, and not because of the cocoa. 

The reversible Claudette pullover paired with beige jeans and a puffer jack is ideal for a comfortable ice skating outfit. Reverse it to the red when you're cuddling on the couch with your cup of hot cocoa. 

Date Idea #4 - Museum+Wine Tasting

For the more culturally inclined couple this is a great date idea. Make a trip to a museum you've never been to or an exhibit at an art gallery with your beau before heading to an evening of wine tasting and cheese plates. Taking time to indulge each other and yourself is the best part of Valentine's day. 

While the museum calls for something casual, the wine tasting needs a dressier option. Wear the reversible Danielle sweater dress and be appropriately dressed for both. Wear it zipped up as a comfortable sweater dress or open with a light blouse and fitted pants. 

I hope I've helped you find your perfect date idea and outfit. I'm sure that you will have a wonderful and memorable Valentine's Day. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all our customers. My love for you knows no bounds! 



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