UWIB Event: The GirlBoss Guide to Desk-to-Dinner Fashion

This week the United Women in Business Foundation asked me to speak at their 'The GirlBoss Guide to Desk-To-Dinner Fashion' event, and I was honored to do so. I shared the floor with Mary Arnett from Shh-oes and Sarah Carson from Leota. All of us had a common goal, to showcase how our brands help women bring comfort, functionality and versatility to their work wardrobes. 

The United Women in Business Foundation (UWIB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional and personal development of women in the business world. UWIB’s mission is to foster success for its members by providing educational programs, mentorship and networking connections, and leadership and growth opportunities. The event aimed to walk UWIB members through the best ways to transition seamlessly from the office to a night out without having to change an entire outfit. 

During my presentation, I spoke about how dressing comfortably leads to having more confidence and elegance. No one wants to see a women tugging at a hemline or looking frumpy because her clothes are uncomfortable. At Jia Collection we value functionality above everything else. We want our customers to be their best selves and we help them by providing clothes that work with you rather than against you. 

I spoke about the 4 main things that contribute to your comfort - fabric, fit, ease/stretch and versatility. Fabric, fit and ease are for physical comfort, whereas versatility account for you mental comfort. Having a dress that feels good on the skin as well as fits well makes a big difference. The mental comfort comes from knowing that you're prepared for any situation and that you're gonna look great. 


My team and I were overwhelmed by the positive response we got to the presentation.  There was genuine excited interest from a lot of the women present at the event who came over to our display to touch/feel and try on our multifunctional pieces. It was a great feeling to see how they were reacting to the concept and the brand. I started this company to be able to provide value to my customers through functional and versatile clothes, and seeing these women appreciate the clothes validated that purpose. A lot of the women had fun trying on the clothes. See how Jessica Matos and her friend played around with the Hayden Coat that can be worn 6 different ways by reversing and unzipping:

UWIB_Jia Collection_girlbosseventJessica Matos trying on our 6-way Hayden Coat

UWIB_Jia Collection_Girl boss event

Jessica Matos wearing the Hayden and striking a pose with me


Regina Huber, CEO of Transform Your Performance loved how the colors and construction of the Hana dress and really liked the Hayden too. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Left: Regina Huber with me holding the Hana Dress
Right: Regina Huber trying on the shortened Hayden Coat

To show my appreciation for the support and love, I offered a $400 credit to a lucky winner who was selected from their social media posts. We were happy to present it to Danika Chen:

Lucky Winner Denika Chen with me

The team from Jia Collection was there for all the help and support. You can't run a company alone and the best thing you can do is to ask for help when you need it. So grateful for it!

Sourya in the Margaret reversible coat, Jiaxuan and me both wearing the Danielle reversible sweater dress/cardigan (I wore it as cardigan, Jiaxuan wore it as a dress).



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