Get the Look of the First Lady, and In More Ways.

As we say farewell to the Obama’s, we can’t help but reminisce on how stylish the White House was these past eight years.

We have to admit, we will surely miss the impeccable fashion of the fabulous First Lady! We weren’t surprised that Michelle Obama’s fashion drew almost as much attention from the press as her efforts as First Lady, because she exuded such grace and class wherever she went or spoke and truly embraces the definition of a fashionista, and of course a #ladyboss!

We at Jia Collection have made it our mission to create fashion that is easy to work with and enjoyable so women can feel confident and beautiful every single day. We love Michelle Obama even more for being a role model for young adults and women to have fun with fashion and express themselves. Fashion should never be a burden! And we will continue to bring our customers and fans high-quality fashion that's fun!

Although just about all of Obama’s outfits caught our attention, here are just a few that we loved!


Layering Neutrals

Michelle Obama in layered neutrals, featuring Jia Collection reversible wool/cashmere coat in brown/gray.
Margaret Reversible Wool/Cashmere Coat in Brown/Gray

Margaret reversible coat for twice the amount of looks!

Michelle Obama can look even better with more options! Reverse the coat for a new look.

Trend alert!! We aren’t sure if Michelle Obama knew she mastered this look, but she sure got us inspired this season! Layering neutrals is one of THE biggest trends of the season and can be achieved by sticking to one or two colors in the brown/gray family. We can’t get enough of this look! We love the Margaret reversible coat in brown/gray for this look because it adds texture, and not mention it’s super comfortable!


Easy Elegance

Michelle Obama in a classic pencil skirt and silk top, featuring the Jia Collection Glenda reversible pencil skirt.

Glenda Reversible Pencil Skirt

Jia Collection Glenda reversible pencil skirt for twice the fashion and twice the fun!

Obama can reverse the Glenda skirt for even more options.



I don’t know how she does it, but she makes a simple skirt and a top look flawless and elegant! A black pencil skirt is a must-have in your collection because it goes with literally everything and is so easy to style! We love the contrasting colors and how the red shoes pop. This look features the Glenda reversible skirt in black. Reverse the skirt to reveal its red/black zig-zag stripes for a totally different look! This is why we love reversible fashion!


Pretty in Pastels

Michelle Obama looking beautiful in all pastel colors. Featuring the Jia Collection Taylor reversible pullover in pink/beige/gray.

Taylor Reversible Silk/Cashmere Pullover

Jia Collection Taylor reversible pullover in pink/beige/gray.

With two options, go from day-to-night in an instant.

Spring 2017 here we come! The great thing about pastel pieces is that they are super versatile and mix and match so effortlessly, as you can see! This outfit features our Taylor reversible pullover in beige/pink/gray, perfect to wear to work, on a date, to a luncheon, work party, or for travel!


(First) Lady in Red

Michelle Obama in classic red dress with added texture for a fun, feminine touch. Featuring the Jia Collection Catherine convertible dress/cardigan.

Catherine Convertible 100% Cashmere Dress/Cardigan

 Jia Collection Catherine convertible dress/cardigan.

Wear this piece in 5 or even more ways! I bet the First Lady couldn't say that about her dress!

A classic red dress is a must-have in your closet, but don’t take our word for it! This look is one of our favorites from the First Lady because of how elegant and effortless she makes this dress look. And the small added texture at the collar gives this look an extra feminine touch. The star of the show is our Catherine convertible cashmere dress/cardigan.


Bold in Blue

For our last look, we chose to highlight Obama in a navy blue dress with matching pumps because this look is an absolute classic. Pair it with a few accessories and you’re good to go! And by a few, we mean a few. The color alone will steal the show and when paired with a light colored coat, you will feel as feminine as ever. The Genevieve reversible dress will give you long lasting comfort all day and won’t crease when you sit! Perfect for the office, date night or to a show.

Michelle Obama in a beautiful navy blue dress with matching pointed toe pumps. Featuring the Jia collection Genevieve elegant reversible dress.

Genevieve Elegant Reversible Dress

 Jia collection Genevieve elegant reversible dress.

With a dress that's 2-for-1, go from the office to dinner, or from dinner to a show and always look polished and fresh.


Let us know in the comments which look is your favorite. Honestly, we love them all.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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