5 Best Next Generation Carry-On Luggage

As frequent travelers, we often worry about our luggage getting lost/stolen, not having enough battery charge for our phone and gadgets, not having enough space for all the things we need to carry and our luggage being overweight. Engineers have compiled all the solutions to these problems into smartphone-enabled, technologically advanced and durable smart luggage!

These luggage are more expensive but they are truly worthwhile investments. Just like how we feel about Jia Collection, we want you to buy less, but invest in quality products that will help you save time, money and energy throughout your daily lives.

Previously, I talked about the advantages of having a carry-on luggage only on your trips. But how about the luggage itself that really makes this easy to accomplish? How about the luggages that are just as functional and versatile as your Jia reversible/convertible dresses and tops? So I have put together a list of 5 of the most anticipated innovative carry-ons.

Although not all of the following are launched to the public market yet, the anticipation of these futuristic smart luggage is REAL! But not to worry, you can preorder them!! I know, what a tease.


1. Bluesmart



With Bluesmart’s mobile app, you have access to a digital lock, proximity sensors, location tracking, trip tracking information, AND a built in digital scale all at your fingertips. One better? A built in battery charger that can charge your phone 6x over. The mobile app helps you avoid excess weight charges by using the bag's internal scale to tell you how much your packed bag weighs, and also includes an exterior pocket for easy laptop access.

Our biggest takeaway: The suitcase tracks itself. One less headache.


2. Modobag




If you’re tired of carrying your luggage, why don’t you let it carry YOU? You can choose to walk or ride your luggage with the telescopic handlebar and dual wheel braking system. It is also equipped with two USB ports that can fully charge in one hour and a 17’’ zippable sleeve for your laptop. Unfortunately, for those speed demons out there, the Modobag can only go up to 8 MPH.

Our biggest takeaway: Hello?! You can ride your luggage. Enough said.


3. SpaceCase 1

The SpaceCase 1 has a biometric lock with fingerprint recognition that grants you access to opening and closing your suitcase, even though its mobile app. The SpaceCase app is linked to global tracking and can maintain the location of luggage wherever it is around the world. It also has a digital self-scale, two external USB charging ports that can charge your phone up to 7x (with a third USB port is inside!). Bluetooth speakerphone links wirelessly to your digital music source and can provide hands-free calling and a security alarm both through your phone and luggage in the case of unexpected separation. Impressed yet? We still have two more to go!

Our biggest takeaway: If you carry your phone, your tablet, AND your laptop, you can charge all THREE at once.




FUGU can remain a carry-on size or expand to a full-size suitcase by inflating two lateral walls using air pressure from a built-in electric pump (groovy, right?!). It’s also equipped with built-in foldable shelves like a personal closet and a removable case for your laptop.

Our biggest takeaway: Versatility, of course! Just like our clothes, you can wear this luggage two ways.


5. Trunkster


What makes Trunkster so unique? It’s zipperless! Instead of traditional zippers, Trunkster has a sliding rolltop door. Trunkster’s power bank is removable and can charge your phone up to 4x. It can also be used independently of Trunkster to charge your devices anywhere. Built into the cargo handle, is an integrated digital scale. Its mobile app can be used to track your luggage wherever it goes, and can be removed if not needed!

Our biggest takeaway: No more stuck or broken zippers.


So, what do you think? Neat, right?! Leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us! We always love to hear your feedback.

Happy Travels fashionistas, and have a great weekend!


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