How These 4 Celebrity Innovators Get Inspired On The Go


Traveling is so much more than reaching your destination, but we knew that. The moment you step outside your front door, into your uber (or however you’re getting to the airport) and are on your way, It isn’t so much where traveling can bring you, but rather what traveling can bring you.

Inspired by young traveling entrepreneurs, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Fast Company launched an integrative marketing campaign in collaboration with tech innovator and businesswoman, Randi Zuckerberg, New York fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley, renowned pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, and celebrity fitness trainer, Gunnar Peterson. These four celebrity innovators shared with us why and how they enjoy their business travel, what makes a hotel attractive and unique to them, as well as what creative opportunities staying a hotel can bring, so they can feel good not to be home. 

You don’t always get to choose when and where and you travel, but when it comes to unwinding, getting inspired, having a delicious meal and improving and feeling better about yourself, staying at a great hotel can give you the chance to choose how you make the most of your travels.

We were very honored to be invited to attend their private event unveiling the great ideas centered around the theme of 'It's Good Not To Be Home', such as exclusive specialty food delivery in the hotel, easy access to self guided exercise, hot towel/massage, manicure, makeup touchup all on demand at your service etc. 

We all can learn from the great tips shared by these 4 creative entrepreneurs, we share more details below, hope you enjoy. 


Randi Zuckerberg - Finally Getting to Unplug

For businesswoman Randi Zuckerberg, she takes traveling as a way to give herself the chance to turn off full-time-mommy-mode and turn on brainstorm-superwoman-mode. As much as most of her work requires her to constantly be online and in the know, turning her phone on airplane mode and taking a step away from the nonstop social media craze is her way of getting her creative engines going.

“It’s really hard in our world of constantly getting bombarded with emails, text messages [and] social media messages,” to which she posed the question, “how do you find that time be creative, to brainstorm, to really see the bigger picture of your business and your life?”

It’s when Zuckerberg travels that she finds she comes up with some of her best ideas.


Cynthia Rowley - Admire the Scenery

The mystery and unexpectedness of walking into a beautiful hotel can bring an instantaneous feeling of comfort and inspiration you wouldn’t get from any other place. And the less time she spends packing, the more time she can spend doing.

For fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley, simply walking into a stylish hotel room puts a smile on her face. And even when traveling for business, it’s important to keep your eyes open to the intricate details of your surroundings, because you never know what can inspire you. Whether it’s beautiful room or the architecture nearby, traveling allows you to experience sights you’ve never seen before.

She totally speaks our language too!

It’s important she makes sure where she goes, for however long she goes, she takes only one carry-on with her. She doesn’t let choosing clothing get in the way of her travels.

“Everything I bring has to be pretty versatile, sneakers with dresses, heels with jeans, it all works.”

She is all about being creative. As are we!


Dominique Ansel - Giving your Taste Buds a Chance to Explore

Pastry chef and creator of the Cronut®, Dominique Ansel, admits that when he travels for business, the feeling of unpacking and making yourself at “home,” is an important addition to the overall quality of your stay. And of course, ordering great food from room service! Having access to great quality food in your hotel eliminates the occasional inconvenience of changing out of your comfy clothes and walking outside to find a decent restaurant nearby.

As much as he enjoys “discovering new restaurants, learning about new techniques, new ingredients [and] visiting new chefs,” having easy access to delicious, exotic food at the hotel can make a guest’s stay that much more special.

It’s important for people to feel like they aren’t still traveling once they get to their hotel, and what better way to enjoy some quality R&R than ordering great food directly to your room.


Gunnar Peterson - Challenging your Daily Routine

For celebrity fitness trainer, Gunnar Peterson, traveling to a new hotel gives him the chance to try a new piece of fitness equipment that he’s never tried before and learn new fitness techniques to challenge his clients. Traveling for him is a great way for him to explore new workout options he wouldn’t normally get to try at home.

From his professional standpoint, whether you have your own fitness routine, are looking to get into a new one, or don’t know where to start, taking advantage of a new experience, like staying at a great hotel, can be the first step towards achieving that goal. Even if you aren’t a gym person, taking a walk down the street while checking out what’s nearby can be great exercise right there!

Allowing yourself a healthy lifestyle can “pay back dividends in every other aspect of your life.”

And, If you’re a traveller, being on the go could be a great way to try a new fitness routine of your own.

Thanks for the tips, Gunnar!


We’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Hyatt Regency Jersey City for inviting Jia Collection to your event! It was really good not to be home! :)





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